Jin  Choi

Bachelor Degree of TCM ( SITCM )

Advanced Diploma of Beauty Therapy
Clinical Internship ( in SITCM )

Acupuncture can provide many therapeutic benefits for our Patients.

Chinese medicine is used to treat several medical conditions such as musculoskeletal pain relief, migraines, women's health and neuropathy issues.

Acupuncture can also enhance your general wellbeing and bring relief from stress and anxiety.


Jin Choi is a caring and motivated Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner, who has expertise in pain relief and women's health including fertility and IVF support.

She has a strong interest in a range of chronic and acute pain management with complicated cases where the body and mind are affected by trauma and ongoing pain.

Also, Jin’s special focus is Constitutional facial acupuncture which treats wrinkles and lines in their relationship with one’s constitution and lifestyle.


Jin holds a Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine from SITCM. She has had a fortunate career with the privilege of being taught the best Traditional Chinese Medicine from doctors like Dr Daniel Deng.


Jin utilises many modalities of Chinese Medicine including Cupping, Moxibustion, Gua Sha and Tuina  (Chinese Therapeutic Massage), Dry needling and Electroacupuncture devices.


To make an appointment with Jin or for further information on how acupuncture can transform your life, please call or text us on 0423657060.

Voluntary acupuncture session